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Cablevision New Jersey has just announced that the Game show Network will be part of the I/O Sports Pak as of February 1, 2011 at 6.95 per month. How this fits in to the Sports Pak that has tennis football and other sports is beyond me. In any case,

This is ridiculous. The other systems include GSN as part of their family package as did Cablevision until now. GSN has old and new game shows, is family oriented and to me this is gouging the customer.

I wrote to them complaining. Please do so as well. Thanks for listening.

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GSN a premium channel?! WHAT A JOKE!




Lingo used to be great. They replace Chuck Woolery with a man

that has NO CONNECTION to the adience. He is a CLOWN. Bring back Chuck!

Also the host of 1 vs 100 has changed! Can u explain how the host was replaced with a Dancing with the Stars judge. Just does not make sense! I do not watch those shows anymore.

So if gsn becomes a premium channel I will say adios!Can't wait for FIOS!


aren't you charging enough! give it back to us!! :(


why is it every show i watch that's in the regular package gets moved to where i have to pay extra for it. the kicker is they leave all the NON-ENGLISH speaking channels alone...wonder why. oh, i know, these people won't pay the extra money to get their stations so they charge the customers that pay their bills by moving stuff we watch to premium levels & once again we pull the weight of all the people who drain our society & they get everything free or from our government...what a joke!!!!!!!!!!


they just keep pushing me toward dish or direct tv. their prices are already nuts once the first year runs out you are screwed


Well here is the reason for GSN going to Sports-pac .

High Stakes Poker

Now that the new season of HSP is comming this week and the producers are charging more for it.

Its now being shown in 3-D (another excuse)

to charge more . Well not me they are screwing themsselves i'll waite and watch them on you tube so they all loose


I watch it a lot too but will not pay extra to the already high cablevision prices

Rantauprapat, Sumatera Utara, Indonesia #245595

I was just given this address to write to:

6 Corporate Center

Melville NY, 11747

but I am also sending my letter to:

Cablevision Systems Corp.

1111 Stewart Avenue

Bethpage, NY 11714

Rantauprapat, Sumatera Utara, Indonesia #245591

Pay up old lady - That is basically what they told my mom.They know the viewership for GSN is elderly and on fixed income.

They hope all the elderly realize they can't live without it and sign up for $7.

Certainly nobody else is signing up for this package.SAD


I know many seniors that watch GSN for a good part of the day.My elderly mother and her neighbor are two of them.

They are the ones least likely to have spare income to spend another $7 a month for a channel that rightly belongs in the "Family" package.Unbelievable.

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