I can't believe that you took off one of my favorite channels and now want me to pay an additional $6.75 a month to an already too expensive bill. So I guess ... I can now deduct $6.75 from my payment each month ... since I'm no longer getting GSN.

I have always been a cablevision customers and as you added Optimum Voice and Optimun Online ... I immediately ordered it, but I never received the discounts of having 3 packages for $99 for a year which totally was unfair to me as long time customoer.

Looks live Direct TV is looking better to me! Thanks for nothing!

Carolann Arnouil

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Really lousy that Cablevision took GSN off the Family package. Game shows are perfect shows for families, rather than a lot of the *** they have with the Family package now.

Shame on you Cablevision. I guess you don't care about families.

I'm switching over to Fios. My parents are very happy with it, get more channels and pay less.


GSN HAS BEEN TAKEN FROM DirctTV since November or some ***! IT incredbile


EVERYONE should write them to complain.

Personally, I could care less, but I have elderly relatives that can barely afford what they pay now!

Information courtesy of Elmo:

Cablevision complaints

6 Corporate Drive

Melville NY 11747


Cablevision Systems Corp.

1111 Stewart Avenue

Bethpage, NY 11714

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