I understand that Optimum had a lot of issues with the storm and I can honestly respect that. I called/chatted regularly (every 2 days) with Optimum service reps to get a status. After 2 weeks, I was told that all service was restored. This is when (and continues today) my ordeal started. Optimum customer service is by far the worst I've ever experienced when it comes to communication, organization, and information. Their "˜Level 2 & Team Lead' reps are capable of 3 things – can you restart the modem and/or router, need to schedule a contractor rep, and "˜my board doesn't show an outage' (when there actually is one).

Let me setup the story with, I'm a work from home employee and I need internet. I can commute into work, but there is a cost associated with that which is why I work from home.

First & 2nd tech (contractor) simply came to my house, checked my modem (physically) and my splitters. Said everything was ok and that this appears to be an issue outside. "I'll put this in as an escalation to have the nodes reviewed." 2 days go by without an update and I call the Optimum team back. To my amazement, they say they canceled the escalation because there was a reported outage in the area that was fixed. Did they bother to call me back and confirm if my service was restored? Nope, but there were able to say – "This appears to be an issue with your house. We don't see an outage on the board. We need to schedule another tech to come to your residence."

I was extremely upset at this point (read: pissed), but I tolerated further incompetence. The 3rd tech (Optimum employee) came with a diagnostic box. He replaced my modem, splitters, connectors, and confirmed with this tool that there is absolutely nothing wrong with my house. There is a drop is the Upstream and it has to be coming from the main line in the area. I appreciated the tech's understanding and was happy I finally got someone who was competent. Unfortunately, that was short lived. He told me that he would immediately escalate to his Supervisor who will be able to look at the nodes individually and get Field Operations to check the line if necessary. I would receive a call back by EOB next day or Sunday morning. Waited…..Waited….Sunday morning comes and goes. And I call back…

Already upset, I speak with rep. This guy came to my house and told me the following. He said that this is not an issue with my house. This is a line issue. Can you tell me why when I was told I would get a call back (again) I didn't hear back yet. The rep says there is nothing in the system with this information and we need to schedule another tech to come out. At this moment, everything went black. All I remember was me flipping out and somehow managing to get a number of an escalation point of contact and demanding a call back regularly on the status.

For two weeks, I had 3 "˜techs' come to my house, talked to a dozen Optimum employees, and was able to get a number for their "˜Team lead voicemail'. To my surprise, I did receive a call back from the CS team lead. He told me he confirmed that the was an issue and that there is line work being done that day. I'll give you a call back when they are done to confirm if you are up. 2 hours later, I get a call back and am told, "the lines have been repaired and I can confirm your modem is still not working. We need to schedule another tech to come out…." I honestly asked him if he was punking me. At this point, what else can I say? They scheduled another person to come out Tuesday.

Here's where I had a brief moment of happiness. Monday morning I get a call from a Field Operations Manager. He confirmed that there was an issue with the lines in the area (read: 2 streets) that were affected. They have lines techs looking into this and will give me a call back the next day with status. I asked him about the tech coming to my house and he had no idea why they would schedule another rep. Each Optimum CS call resulted in, we need to send a tech out. There is nothing wrong. Each call to the Field Service Rep was, I don't know what our CS is doing. We know it's an issue outside your house. Ignore the CS rep and scheduled tech. Frankly, are you freaking kidding me?!?!?! How can 2 teams who have the same information about each one of my tickets (about 30 in total) not be on the same page.

I received a call back Tuesday afternoon confirming that found the issue and that my service would be restored by Tuesday evening. When I returned home from work, service was restored. Unfortunately that's not where this story ends. Thanksgiving morning (Thursday and less than 36 hours later), internet service is completely out. I was able to get phone calls before. Now nothing.

I call the CS number again and …. "This appears to be an issue with your house. We don't see an outage on the board. We need to schedule a tech to come to your residence."

The saga continues....

P.S. Optimum CS (if you read this)…please be aware that you are sorely mistaken if you expect me to pay my bill for your "˜service' until I get 100% resolution.

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